Sunday, July 02, 2006

posion ivy

Posion Ivy.

I am the so called expert on posion ivy. Ok not really but it seems like it to me.
I never had any real problem with posion ivy until i was in my twenties. I only had it a few times when i was a kid. Well after i got posion ivy in my twenties i was allergic to it from then on.
First you can become alergic to posion ivy and many other things anytime in life. Second if you are alergic be warned it can be serious if you do not get medical treatment fast.
I will share my so called expert knowledge about posion ivy with everyone. From what to look for and what works for me to treat it and how to kill posion ivy around my house.
Like i said i am the so called expert and yes that sounds stupid but i have more knowlegde about posion ivy than most of the so called experts on things they are suppose to know about on the net. I have first hand experience and that makes all the difference in the world.
Hope you like the site and send it to anyone who needs help with posion ivy because it should not be taken lightly.

Thanks for stoping in poison ivey. We will list ways to kill poisen ivey and treatments for poision ivey. Poision oak and poision ivy cures. poision sumac.