Thursday, March 27, 2008

Best poison ivy cure

Best poison ivy cures.

The best posion ivy cures i have used so far have been the poison ivy soaps. No kidding i thought it would make things worse and spread the posion ivy blisters all over but they work.

I have tried everything you can think of on posionivy and the best cure for posion ivy for me so far is the poison ivy soaps by Burtsbees andsome of the others. Tecnu has a posion ivy cure that is more of a liquid soap and some drug stores have thier own soap.

I can tell you from my own use of posion ivy sopa that you should have some at home at all times. This way if you think you have posion ivy or walked into some just wash that part off with the posion ivy soap and it will either stop the posion ivy from starting or cure it faster than ever before.

You should just hop in the shower and wash the part with the soap that you have posion ivy on. I would wash it 3 or 4 times making sure to get a larger area than the actual posion ivy is on. When your down pat dry with towel and make sure to throw rowel down in the wash and i would wash that towel by itself.

You can get the posion ivy soap online or at some drug stores. I know walgreens has thier own posion ivy soap and i like this one besides burts bee soap. If you have posion ivy do yourself a favor go buy some poison ivy soap right now and wash it as soon as you can. You will be happy you did.

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Wednesday, January 31, 2007

poison ivy rash

Poison ivy rash.

Ok everyone wants to know what poison ivy rash looks like.

Poison ivy rash starts out as little bumps. They are very itchy. After a few hours you might start to see clear fluid in blisters on you.

When poison ivy rash is clear blisters you have it and you must treat it. If you touch posion ivy and even if you have little bumps not yet clear blisters you might be able to wash the oil off and not get poison ivy rash.

If you have the posion ivy rash with alot of bumps and it spreads or is clear blisters you need to treat it. I prefer cortaid but some use benadryl. You know the pink stuff.

Never rub poison ivy rash it will spread more. Do not itch it either. I like to put as much cortaid on mutiple times a day to help speed recovery from it.

Poison ivy rash is simple to spot. Look for alot of little bumps usualy red and itchy. When they turn into blisters that is full blown poison ivy rash and can spread on clothes towels and anything else.

Always blot dry or blot medicine onto poiosn ivyy rash never rub. Wash all towels and clothes as soon as your done with them. Never wash any other clothes or towels to be safe.

Thier are some natural poison ivy rash treatmens but most of the time a good poison ivy medicine from drug store works ok. I prefer cortaid the best. I know people who have used natural treatmenst and sya they work great i never have tried herbs or ointments on a poison ivy rash.

Sunday, September 03, 2006

killing poison ivy

Killing poison ivy.

Poison ivy is very hard to kill. The poison ivy vines or plants will continue to grow back in your garden and yard until you finaly kill them.
To kill poison ivy vines i use any weed killer and pump sprayer. Take the weed killer add correct amount to pump sprayer then i add a little bit of dish soap and some cooking oil.
The dish soap will break up the cooking oil and help make the weed killer be taken in by the poisen ivy plants. The cooking oil any type will burn the poison ivy plant. Just like you get sunburn from baby oil so will pison ivy from cooking oil.
You must spray the poison ivy plants when no rain is expected for 24 hours. I usualy will then go back and spray every week or so. Most times you will kill most of the poison ivy but not all of it. Make sure to keep spraying plants and checking it for the year. If you continue to spary any new poison ivy vines you should be able to finaly kill all the poison ivy off.
Poison ivy is a very hardy planty and takes alot of work to kill. Laways wear long sleeves and gloves if you remove any posuon ivy from home or fences. Make sure to put into garbage bags and do not ever burn poison ivy. If you burn pison ivvy you can get it in your lungs and need to be hospitalized.
Always wash any clothes right after you touch poison ivy and wash hands or any part of you that may have contacted poison ivvy plant. Wash all clothes by them self never put any with other clothes it may spread poison ivy to those clothes.
Posion ivy plants have a oil that is what causes the poison ivy rash. If you wash right after touching it you might not get it. If you wash when you have posion ivy you can speard oil around and get more piison ivyy.
You can also use a mixture of amonia dish detergent and vegatable oil with some salt to kill poison ivy vines . This will kill everything else alos so be carefull. I would say put one cup amonia and 3 squirts dish detergent with half cup oil and 4 table spoons of salt into a quart of water and spary onto poison ivy. You can pur it on but spraying works better.
Hope this helps. Remeber to kill poison ivy it takes alot of work and time. Mosttimes you will have to spray posion ivy mutiple times to kill it.

Wednesday, July 26, 2006

poison ivy treatment

Poison Ivy treatment at home.
Posion ivy and posion oak same treatments. Remember stay away from any plat with 3 or 4 leaves. Most brow on ground and up trees or fences even homes. If not sure what a plant is stay away.
First if you think you contacted any poison ivy wash that spot as soon as you can. It never hurts to try to get rid of it before it starts.
Now if you have posion ivvy next thing is to treat it with over the counter products.
My number one treatment is cortaid or cortizone for poisonivy. This works best for me and i am worst case alergic to posion ivy.
You can also use bendryl or some form of it. It usualy is pink when dry. I use tghis after i put cortaid on. I use it on spots that will rub other parts or touch clothes or blankets.
Basicaly poison ivy is a oil. This oil makes the body form blisters that itch. Once you have blisters you have it no going back. Make sure to shower and pat dry do not rub any part with poison ivy you spread it. Pat dry with towel never use same towel before washing it.
Wash clothes after wearing and blankets often. The oil will get on balnkets and clothes and keep poison ivy for a long time. You can get poison ivy back if you wear clothes with it and keep getting it. I did this with a pair of gloves i kept getting poison ivy did not know it was in the gloves.
Put cortaid on and pat it do not rub it in. I try to put it on as many times as i can or start to itch. The more the better.
Next some people will say this is wrong but it works for me. If i have poison ivy on arms or leggs i will take old sock cut toes out so it is like a sleeve. Then i put cortaid on poison ivy then put soick over it to keep it from spreading on clothes and blankets or moving on skin.
Most say never do this but it works. First you stop psreading oil every where and this stops spreading poison ivy. Second it keeps cortaid on poison ivy. It usualy takes longer to see results but i seem to stop the spread of it better this way. It grows a little under sock but then starts to go away. I stop the spread of it this way. I f i do not put sock over it i spread it more on my self so it is a good idea to try it.
Never burn poison ivy you can wind up in hospital with it in your lungs. Always throw it in garbage if you remove it from yard or it will grow back it you just cut it. Us a good weed killer but you will have to keeep killing it it seems to come back often.
Never rub pison ivy always pat dry when showering and pat cortaid on it.
Hope this helps make sure to try cortaid it works best for me and wash clothes and blankets often. You should be able to get rid of it in a week or 2.

Sunday, July 02, 2006

posion ivy

Posion Ivy.

I am the so called expert on posion ivy. Ok not really but it seems like it to me.
I never had any real problem with posion ivy until i was in my twenties. I only had it a few times when i was a kid. Well after i got posion ivy in my twenties i was allergic to it from then on.
First you can become alergic to posion ivy and many other things anytime in life. Second if you are alergic be warned it can be serious if you do not get medical treatment fast.
I will share my so called expert knowledge about posion ivy with everyone. From what to look for and what works for me to treat it and how to kill posion ivy around my house.
Like i said i am the so called expert and yes that sounds stupid but i have more knowlegde about posion ivy than most of the so called experts on things they are suppose to know about on the net. I have first hand experience and that makes all the difference in the world.
Hope you like the site and send it to anyone who needs help with posion ivy because it should not be taken lightly.

Thanks for stoping in poison ivey. We will list ways to kill poisen ivey and treatments for poision ivey. Poision oak and poision ivy cures. poision sumac.