Wednesday, January 31, 2007

poison ivy rash

Poison ivy rash.

Ok everyone wants to know what poison ivy rash looks like.

Poison ivy rash starts out as little bumps. They are very itchy. After a few hours you might start to see clear fluid in blisters on you.

When poison ivy rash is clear blisters you have it and you must treat it. If you touch posion ivy and even if you have little bumps not yet clear blisters you might be able to wash the oil off and not get poison ivy rash.

If you have the posion ivy rash with alot of bumps and it spreads or is clear blisters you need to treat it. I prefer cortaid but some use benadryl. You know the pink stuff.

Never rub poison ivy rash it will spread more. Do not itch it either. I like to put as much cortaid on mutiple times a day to help speed recovery from it.

Poison ivy rash is simple to spot. Look for alot of little bumps usualy red and itchy. When they turn into blisters that is full blown poison ivy rash and can spread on clothes towels and anything else.

Always blot dry or blot medicine onto poiosn ivyy rash never rub. Wash all towels and clothes as soon as your done with them. Never wash any other clothes or towels to be safe.

Thier are some natural poison ivy rash treatmens but most of the time a good poison ivy medicine from drug store works ok. I prefer cortaid the best. I know people who have used natural treatmenst and sya they work great i never have tried herbs or ointments on a poison ivy rash.

Thanks for stoping in poison ivey. We will list ways to kill poisen ivey and treatments for poision ivey. Poision oak and poision ivy cures. poision sumac.