Sunday, September 03, 2006

killing poison ivy

Killing poison ivy.

Poison ivy is very hard to kill. The poison ivy vines or plants will continue to grow back in your garden and yard until you finaly kill them.
To kill poison ivy vines i use any weed killer and pump sprayer. Take the weed killer add correct amount to pump sprayer then i add a little bit of dish soap and some cooking oil.
The dish soap will break up the cooking oil and help make the weed killer be taken in by the poisen ivy plants. The cooking oil any type will burn the poison ivy plant. Just like you get sunburn from baby oil so will pison ivy from cooking oil.
You must spray the poison ivy plants when no rain is expected for 24 hours. I usualy will then go back and spray every week or so. Most times you will kill most of the poison ivy but not all of it. Make sure to keep spraying plants and checking it for the year. If you continue to spary any new poison ivy vines you should be able to finaly kill all the poison ivy off.
Poison ivy is a very hardy planty and takes alot of work to kill. Laways wear long sleeves and gloves if you remove any posuon ivy from home or fences. Make sure to put into garbage bags and do not ever burn poison ivy. If you burn pison ivvy you can get it in your lungs and need to be hospitalized.
Always wash any clothes right after you touch poison ivy and wash hands or any part of you that may have contacted poison ivvy plant. Wash all clothes by them self never put any with other clothes it may spread poison ivy to those clothes.
Posion ivy plants have a oil that is what causes the poison ivy rash. If you wash right after touching it you might not get it. If you wash when you have posion ivy you can speard oil around and get more piison ivyy.
You can also use a mixture of amonia dish detergent and vegatable oil with some salt to kill poison ivy vines . This will kill everything else alos so be carefull. I would say put one cup amonia and 3 squirts dish detergent with half cup oil and 4 table spoons of salt into a quart of water and spary onto poison ivy. You can pur it on but spraying works better.
Hope this helps. Remeber to kill poison ivy it takes alot of work and time. Mosttimes you will have to spray posion ivy mutiple times to kill it.

Thanks for stoping in poison ivey. We will list ways to kill poisen ivey and treatments for poision ivey. Poision oak and poision ivy cures. poision sumac.